On June 3, 2015


We adopted Peace (pea-cee), she is 14 years old, last August from Lucky’s Place. Our story is a little bit different from others. You see, we have always known Peace. Peace was a stray and our daughter rescued her. They think Peace was about 4 weeks old. My daughter had her for a few years and due to life circumstances had to give her away to some friends. They in turn moved and couldn’t take her with so my daughter got her back. My friend adopted her and had her for over 10 years. Sadly last January my friend suddenly passed away and Peace had no where to go. We had adopted a cat (Isis) a year before from Lucky’s Place so I offered to bring Peace there knowing she would be well taken care of until she found a new home. We couldn’t take her at that time because we were living in an apartment and the deposits were way too much. This past May we purchased a home. I noticed Jan’s posting about being interviewed on TV so I watched it and I saw Peace. I thought she had been adopted out. (I found out that she had been adopted but due to more sad circumstances she was brought back). I asked my husband if we could bring her home. He agreed to the idea. I made a quick phone call to Jan before he changed his mind. I picked up Peace at Lucky’s Place and brought her home. Our Pug welcomed her right away and they are best buds now. Peace is anything but peaceful around Emily (Isis) but Emily is being very patient with her. I made a promise to Peace though that after being in 7 homes during her lifetime, this one would be her last and she will be loved furever! She enjoys sleeping in her bed in her own room during the day and at night she insists on sleeping on my pillow with me. Her contented purr reassures me that she is glad she is home to stay. Thank you Lucky’s Place for taking care of our girl until we could be reunited again.

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