On June 3, 2015


A while back we lost a much loved kitty, Tosh. We had two kitties, Mac & Tosh … not the PC but the Sherlock Holmes coat. They both got sick at about the same time. Tosh went into kidney failure and Mac wound up with hyper-thyroid and an insulinoma. We said goodbye to Tosh one terrible morning when his situation became hopeless. We had given him every chance we could. At that point, we put all our focus on Mac. Once Mac was fully recovered we did notice he was missing his friend. He would wander the house looking for Tosh. So, we decided to get him a new friend. My wife, was browsing “Facebook” and ran across an entry from my cousin, she works, as a volunteer, at “Lucky’ Place.” She saw a kitty that looked interesting so we decided to have a look. I don’t think we intended on bringing a new member into the family but we did. When we got there and were introduced to the lovely guests. There were two that took a great interest in the two of us. They were twin kitties, not quite a year old. One was named Tiger and the other named Pooh. Tiger was the friendliest. Pooh was shy but kept on trying to make contact and connect. Tiger would always butt in and steal the attention. Our concern was for Mac to have a friend that would not steal all the attention. Oddly, we chose Pooh. He was and probably is still a feral kitty. But there was something about him. I’ll be honest, it took welders gloved to get him into the carrier but he did travel well. We knew that he would need special attention. The front porch was cleaned out so we could introduce him into the family slowly. He was scared for the first couple of weeks and after about two weeks things settled down. We got into a routine of feeding and cleaning the litter box and one day he came out. From there, we would sit on the porch when we would feed him and little by little he would let us pet him and play a little. After all, we were the enemy. He also had the opportunity to meet Mac. They would see each other in adjoining windows and doors to the porch. They would also exchange sniffing and hissing through the windows. After a while they took an interest in each other. Mac did make it clear that he was the boss. It took about six weeks to gain Pooh’s trust and there were time when we wondered if we were ever going to gain that trust. Persistence and consistency paid off. At the end of the six weeks we opened up the living room and kitchen to Pooh to see how he would react. He came in cautiously and Mac, to his credit and long introduction, treated Pooh with a cat’s particular disdain. Over the next couple of weeks we opened up more and more of the house. It is now December and I think he is well on his way! He is still a bit skittish and we still cannot pick him up. That will come with time. He is a much loved member of the family.

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