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Veterinary Services

No-Kill Organizations

Animal Associations

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Famous Animals



Veterinary Services


Boysen Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary facility offering the latest in wellness, surgical, and treatment options for dogs, cats, and pocket pets in St. Cloud MN and the surrounding communities.


We are a full service veterinary hospital composed of veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians, and client care representatives. Granite City Pet Hospital offers the most up-to-date diagnostic, surgical, and treatment options, including digital x-rays and dental procedures, to provide the best in comprehensive medicine for your pet.



No-Kill Organizations


The No-Kill Network is dedicated to promoting no-kill animal shelters, organizations, and rescue groups by helping people learn about and locate these organizations.


Animal Associations


The Petco Foundation has served as a voice for companion animals across the country since 1999. Each year, we help animal-welfare organizations find lifelong, loving homes for millions of orphaned pets, as well as fund spay and neuter efforts, animal assisted therapy programs and humane education.


Since 1994, the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation in Zimmerman, Minnesota, has been rescuing, rehabilitating, retraining and re-homing horses and other animals in distress.


The Animal Rescue Association of America is proud to be the advocacy organization for these animal rescue groups. Our goal is to support, enhance and celebrate their work by providing the tools and the muscle to help them save even more animal lives.


The Greg Biffle Foundation was founded in 2005 by Greg and Nicole Biffle to create awareness and serve as advocate to improve the well-being of animals by engaging the power and passion of the motor sports industry.


Feline Training


Providing cat training articles to help you better understand your cat’s behavior – the whys, dos, don’ts, and hows – so that you and your cat can have a fun, rewarding, and lasting relationship.


Promoting people to become even more responsible and loving cat owners, while having some fun in the process!


Famous Animals


Meet Morris the Cat, the large orange tabby and advertising mascot for 9Lives brand cat food. He is “the world’s most finicky cat”, eating only 9Lives!


Meet Stewie the Cat, the longest domestic cat in the world, measuring more than 4 feet long from nose to tail!


Meet Stubbs the cat, who has been the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for the past 15 years. His approval ratings have never been higher!


Meet Dewey, an abandoned kitten from the Spencer, Iowa, transforms a sleepy library, inspires a classic American town, and captures the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.


Meet Grumpy Cat, the internet sensation who became a celebrity after a photo of her grumpy facial expression was posted on social media.


Meet Elsa, one of the lions had showed the world that if given love and respect, a lion is capable of a far wider range of behavior than had previously been believed.


Meet Leo the Lion, the mascot for the legendary Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


Meet Balto, the Siberian Husky who led his team of sled dogs carrying diphtheria antitoxin in the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome.


Meet Togo, the sled dog that led his team nearly five times as far, as any of the other nineteen teams during the 1925 serum run to Nome.


Meet Lassie, the classic family dogs whose name symbolizes loyalty, courage, beauty, and grace.


Meet Rin Tin Tin, the dog rescued from a bombed out World War I German War Dog kennel near Lorraine, France on September 15, 1918, this German Shepherd would go on to become the most famous canine in the world.


Meet Pete the Pup, an American pit bull terrier famous for his trademark ring around his eye and role in Our Gang, later known as The Little Rascals.


Meet Benji, the small lovable dog who is featured in several movies and demonstrated the ability of a brilliant dog and brilliant trainer.


Meet Dan Patch, a harness horse, who earned the title of Worlds Champion Harness Horse and greatest harness horse in the history of the two-wheel sulky.


Meet Seabiscuit, the unlikely champion that soon became a symbol of hope to many Americans during the Great Depression.


Meet Secretariat, The Big Red Horse that, in 1973, became the first Triple Crown winner of the Kentucky Derby, in a quarter of a century.


Meet Brown Beauty, a gallant mare, who carried Paul Revere on his midnight ride on the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-Five.


Meet Old Bob, Abraham Lincoln’s favorite horse, who followed behind the funeral procession of the late president draped in black.


Meet Mr. Ed the famous horse who was not only man’s best friend, but also quite the talker!




Moving, insightful, and often hilarious, Homer’s Odyssey is about a blind cat with a spirit of epic proportions. Read and rejoice!– Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig


Love Saves the Day is a charming story of love lost and found, both in human hearts and that of one very special cat. Prudence’s voice is as simple and honest as that of the child who sees things adults miss. At its heart, this book is an exploration of unconditional love between mother and daughter, as seen through the eyes of a creature who lives for just this. In that sense, Love Saves the Day eloquently explains why so many of us would do anything at all for our pets. – Barbara Delinsky, New York Times bestselling author of Escape


DEWEY is charming, lovely, and moving. It’s about life and death and small-town values and, above all, love. – Peter Gethers, author of The Cat Who Went to Paris


The Art of Racing in The Rain has everything: love, tragedy, redemption, danger, and–best of all–the canine narrator Enzo. This old soul of a dog has much to teach to us about being human. I loved this book. -Sara Gruen, Author of Water for Elephants


Discover why your dog is so sensitive to your emotions, gaze, and body language. Dogs live in a world of ever changing intricate detail of smell. Read this captivating book and enter the sensory world of your dog.– Temple Grandin, author &of Animals in Translation and Animals Make us Human


A timeless novel, Black Beauty tells the story of the horse’s own long and varied life, from a well-born colt in a pleasant meadow to an elegant carriage horse for a gentleman to a painfully overworked cab horse.


In all of Molly Gloss’ work, lyric descriptions and unforgettable characters are supported by an open, wide-ranging intelligence and not at all undone by dry wit and an open heart. The Hearts of Horses is a shining example of Molly Gloss’ gifts. – Amy Bloom